Bobs Discount Furniture Store Is So Darn Good

What do motorcycles and waterbeds have in common? Give up?

In 1976, Bob, of Bob’s Discount Furniture, was in a motorcycle accident. No, Bob came out okay, but part of his rehabilitation was to sleep on a waterbed. Evidently, a waterbed is much easier on a strained back.Bobs Discount Furniture

Well, Bob got used that waterbed. In fact, Bob love that waterbed so much, that he decided to go into the waterbed business. After all, it was good for him, must be good for everyone else. So, in 1982 he secured about 2000 ft.² of five different wholesale furniture stores around the Connecticut area.

Using his experience with the waterbed, he stopped those furniture stores with waterbeds, and trained his sales staff on how to point out the advantages of sleeping on a waterbed. He knew that if he liked them, others would to. He was right. By 1988 he was selling these waterbeds in 24 locations, in four of the New England states.

Bobs Discount Furniture Really Is Goof Proof!

In 1990, with the advent a lot of the more advanced technologically superior sleeping systems, waterbed industry started to decline. Bob read the handwriting on the wall, and established a relationship with Gene Rosenberg, who had sold Bob’s waterbeds in his wholesale furniture outlet. He teamed up with Gene in an 8000 ft.² area in Newington Connecticut. That was the beginning of Bob’s Discount Furniture.

That’s how a motorcycle accident led to the ownership of the furniture store. But that’s not the end of the story. Bob is now one of the leaders in the industry in product, delivery, and customer service in the New England area.

Bob has just about everything you need from the right kind of fabrics to kids chairs. Bob’s customer care is second to none. Choose from one excellent selection of furniture, and you can track your delivery online. They will even call you five days before your scheduled delivery, to make sure you’re available.

Bob offers a one-year minimum warranty on most furniture. In addition, he offers The Goof Proof Plus Protection Plan. A quick visit to his website, and you can see what it covers. Part of that coverage is five years against factory defects, and it combines accidental coverage for certain aspects such as stains rips and tears, burns and scratches.

You can easily see, that if you’re looking for furniture, Bobs Discount Furniture is the place to go. Find out more at


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